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    Dusty Roberts

    I was born in Brooklyn and spent my summers in Mastic Beach Long Island, when it was still paradise, and the bungalows were only occupied during the summer months. I earned my college degree in Classical Literature with a minor in Art History. Right after graduation, I decided I wanted to see the world, so I joined the Marine Corps. 

    It is important to note, the day I joined the Marines, I had written the first 60 pages of "Echoes From Another World." Why didn’t I finish it then? I felt that I didn’t have enough real-world experience to write anything significant; who would want to listen to me? So, I followed my other dream to be a military pilot.

    I graduated from Marine Corps OCS and then Naval Flight School. My first duty station was in Tustin, California, and from there I deployed to Okinawa, Japan, Korea, and sometimes flew off Navy ships. I loved it all. I had the most excellent adventure that a young man could have, and met some of the most intelligent and capable people in the world.

    After 10 years, I left the Corps to make my millions. Then one day, many years after I wrote the first 60 pages of this book, I sat down on my deck, lit-up a fine cigar, and finished the draft in two months. Several years later, many edits later, I finally published it. The sequel is on its way. I also have several short stories published on Kindle Vella. My hope is that I am successful in entertaining you and that you enjoy Echoes From Another World.



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